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Drabble: "My Heart"

Written for: furubadrabbles around August 2003

Author: Takiko (Yui)
Title: My Heart
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Class: drabble
Type: Romance
Challenge: The kiss, 100 words
Characters: Ayame and Mine
Rating: G
Notes: Ayame likes to use lots of words. ^^; Side note I adore this couple....nuff said!

My Heart

And how shall I kiss you, my beloved? To place my beguiling lips to your slender column of ivory? Impart my weaver hands to smooth your hair, using my lips to brush upon your canvas of silken skin? My lips without words spread the beauteous language of love and devotion. I bestow you love’s gift and you take it as if it was the most splendid object on this earth, and it is because I wrapped it especially for you my dearest and you alone. Mine. You are my heart. And I willing give you the world in a kiss.
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