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Drabble: "Dream Spinner"

Written for:100_fruit on 2005-02-27

Author: Takiko (Yui)
Title:Dream Spinner
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Class: drabble
Type: drama
Characters: Shigure and Akito
Warnings: First thing I wrote in awhile. >.> Cutting it down to 100 words took a little
time. It was 113 words when first written. No spoilers really. This written yesterday but
fixed up today so missed the #17 dream Challenge.

Dream Spinner

Gently you rest, curling in my lap, so small and delicate.
Your brow is not furrowed this time. The soft, slow breath
of slumber stirs the quiet as I shift my hand through your short hair,
black silk to my rough fingers. Breath mixes, yours, mine.
I watch you as it’s the nature of the dog to watch over his master.
I always do even if you don't want me to, because this is the time you
let me get close. You spun a dream in my head that I can't let go.
Nothing matters, Akito-san. Nothing matters but that.
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