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Challenge fanfic: "Flying"

Written for: temps_mort around 2003-07-13

Title: "Flying"
Author: Takiko (Yui)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Class: Challenge fanfic
Challenge: 15 Minutes
Type: Yaoi
Rating: R to NC-17 (soft NC-17)
Notes: What do you expect in 15 minutes. T_T 4:15am to 4:30am
Disclaimer: Weiss Kreuz belongs to not me and never will belong to me ever!
Notes: Nagi and Brad and a bed. What more do you want? ^^; My first Nagi and Brad fic.

By: Takiko (Yui)


He was flying.

The bed was flying.

Nagi panted as his heels dug into the small on the man’s back that was making his mind whirl. The world was turning upside down. Sideways. Breaking glass. The objects around him trembled like frighten leaves in a storm. The lamp flickered and toppled over, plunging the room to darkness.

Plunging just like he was. Just like with every thrust burying deep inside. He cried out throwing his arms around the man over him, digging his fingers deeply into the strong back muscle found there.

“Brad...” he bit out in a tiny breathless voice. His eyes glazed, his slim body slicked in sweat and his sweet face so open and exposed.

The other man’s face was a mask. He predicted every move, every groan, and felt the room shudder, being ripped apart by the young boy under him. It was like nothing he could imagine. The wildness. He couldn’t predict everything. Not the sudden flip of the table or the skittish sounds of the chair. The shattering mirror that sprayed tiny glass shards that swirled in a glittering array. The tiny poltergeists making a random mess. The storm was mocking him and exciting him.

Being with Nagi was like being in the eye of a hurricane. And he could only hope as the storm closed around him he could shelter the boy from his own power when he reached climax.

Flying. The world was flying and there was nothing to grab onto but each other.
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