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Drabble: "Dress Me Up"

Written for: furubadrabbles around Summer 2003

Author: Takiko (Yui)
Title: Dress Me Up
Fandom: Fruits Basket
Class: drabble
Type: Humor, Romance
Challenge: Getting caught, 100 words
Characters: Ayame, Yuki, Tohru
Rating: G
Notes: Something I thought up after reading some humorous writings. Yui’s attempted at humor. >.< I'm not very good at it as you can see.

Dress Me Up

The dress was perfection. The angels sang from the heavens at its beauty. Birds warbled a song of loving joy. And the world was in awe. Or this is how Ayame saw it. In Yuki's eyes he wanted to be dead. DEAD! When Honda-san walked in and saw him in a frilly party dress. One that was fitting for Honda-san, not him. He was going to kill his older brother for getting him into this! As Yuki’s head turned, Tohru’s cool hand rested on his burning cheek.

“Yuki-kun is beautiful.”

And Yuki felt like he died but for another reason.
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