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Fanfic: "Beautiful Alone"

Title: "Beautiful Alone"
Author: Yui (Takiko)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Class: fanfic
Type: hentai, lime, drama, angst.
Pairing: YohjiX???
Rating: R (for language, violence & sexual content)
Written: Around July 2001
Summary: Story takes place early in the Weiss Kreuz series.
Disclaimer: I make no claims on the characters. All characters are are the property of the creators of Weiss Kreuz. I'm just borrowing them a bit.
Notes:This is one of the very first fanfics I wrote. I always wanted to add to it but I think it can stand as is. I was watching Weiss Kreuz at the time and fell in love with Yohji. I always felt he was a very tragic character. I feel very deeply for him and his pain. This story and pairing was always with me from when I first saw Weiss Kreuz, but I never seen it explored much. The other person in the fic will be revealed when read. Thank you for reading. ^_^

Beautiful Alone
By: Yui (Takiko)

Blood and tears. Tears and blood.

Yohji couldn’t get the image out of his mind. He just wished for one dreamless night so he didn’t
have to see Asuka falling, falling and hitting the pavement in a sick thud, her blood flowing like
fine wine spilling out of her body. Him screaming her named until he was hoarse, his eyes
blinded with tears. The bullet ripping through her flesh. Her soft flesh that he touched so
intimately the evening before. He could even smell her in the dream. He dreamed of that too.
Her tender lips and supple skin, her taut tone body that sent him to the brink of insanity. Was it
insanity or love? He was obsessed with her. He drunk her in and tasted her every where his lips
roamed. He died that day. The day she left for a better place but selfish him wanted her back so
much he ached and he burned. He saw her everyday even when he was awake. The girl at the
coffee shop, the one hurrying around the corner at the book store, or the one sitting quietly in the
back row in a darken movie theater. She was everywhere. And he knew he was a little insane to
hope so much. No, it wasn’t hope. He knew it was hopeless because he died but was still
breathing. He was weak. He wanted to lash out at the world and cry and scream, but he kept it all
locked inside and it ate at him like a cancer, a beautiful cancer named Asuka.

He groaned and shifted in bed and saw that he wasn’t alone in bed. The morning light was
glaring and streamed in from the shades he forgot to close all the way last night. Tiny little dust
particles danced in the golden bright light. Yohji squinted and fumbled for his pack of cigarettes
and lighter on the nightstand. He drew one out and tapped the tip to knock the tobacco closer to
the end. He placed the unlit cigarette between his lips and rubbed his thumb against the small
wheel of the lighter. It flickered and hot flame touched the end of the cigarette before he closed
the lighter and tossed it back on the night stand. It skidded across the surface to hit his glasses.
He took a long drag and watched the smoke curl into a fine wispy pattern as it rose to the ceiling.
He hated mornings.

He combed his fingers through his messy blond hair and then turned his body a little, placing his
hand on the buttocks of the person next to him. She was naked like him with just a sheet to
cover them. Yohji leaned over taking a small drag off his cigarette and removed his other hand
from her backside and began to run it across the woman’s curvy body. She moaned and turned
into him. His hand rested on her beautiful breast. The feel of holding a women’s breast in his
hands was indescribable. He was always amazed how soft they felt. He bent down to kiss it
lightly. Her eyes fluttered opened. Sapphire eyes. Her russet hair flowed out from her making her
look like a goddess. Her makeup barely there and he could truly see how flawless her skin was.
But she wasn’t Asuka. No; she wasn’t Asuka, but a friend. A friend that understood and cared
enough to help him. Manx. She said she would never go out with him but this was different. She
answered his call to meet. He was having a hard time dealing with Maxi’s death. Her death
brought it all back so fresh in his mind he thought he'd go crazy. Yes, this was different.
They both holding on to each other because of the ones they love. Both feeling a longing and
emptiness of being alone. A beautiful loneliness had torn at them. He knew she loved
Persia, but couldn’t have him and he forever lost Asuka. The morning light did make
everything golden including her skin. Manx licked her lips and smiled.

“Good morning,” she said as her blue eyes locked onto his green ones.

Yohji rested his hand on her face, his fingers touching her smooth cheek.

“I hate mornings, but your face could change that," Yohji smiled as he crooned in his most
sexiest and smoothest voices. The voice that could break a dozen girls hearts with a just a few

Manx rolled her eyes, but touched his hand that rested on her cheek.

“You know those lines don’t work on me,” Manx stated in a teasing tone.

“It was worth a try.” Yohji said in a bland way like he wouldn’t care one way or the other. She was
totally immune to his charm and in a funny way he liked her for it. He rolled back on his back
looking up at the very white ceiling and took other puff. But his hand still rested on her cheek and
he absentmindedly began to stroke the silkiness with his rough fingers.

“So are you ok, Yohji?” Manx questioned sincerely.

“I should be asking you that question. I wasn’t as gentle as I could have been,” Yohji sounded a
little distant but regretful.

He was remembering last night. He had let all his emotions go and he took her willingly but he
rode her hard. And got lost in her. Woman, desire, need, want, feel, his mind was exploding as
he erupted in her. He had felt her body shutter and tremble as she came and squeezed him so
hard he thought he died and gone to heaven. But there was no heaven for him. Only hell. The
hell he imposed on himself and the one he lived.

“No, I’m fine,” Manx said while taking his hand that lightly was caressing her cheek into hers, ”I
was asking you because you had that faraway look again.” She pressed her lips into his fleshly
palm and he could not help make a smile tug his lips.

“That noticeable?”

“To me it is. I’m paid to be observant.” She moved and leaned over him, placing both her hands
on either side of his body. Her wild red hair tumbled over his chest and neck as her face hovered
close to his. She plucked the cigarette that was dangling from his mouth and took a drag and
placed it back in his mouth again.

“Nasty habit you got there.”

Yohji stared up at her. That small gesture she did he found so sexy and intimate. He could see
why he always propositioned her in the past. She was one of the best fucks he had in a long
time. A very long time.

He took his cigarette out to flick the gray ash onto the floor.
“I suppose, but if I can’t enjoy getting drunk, smoking or screwing beautiful women, what am I on
earth for?” He smiled wryly.

“You don’t want me to answer that do you?” She looked at him coolly and then the corners of her
mouth twitched and then she laughed.

Yohji thought she had a good laugh, lady-like and sensual and full of promises. Manx was one
very gorgeous woman. So why did his mind always go back to Asuka.

“I am sorry,” His voice quiet and remorseful suddenly. He felt like a complete asshole at that
moment. He was just using her. And she didn’t deserve that.

“No, no. You don’t think I don’t know what is going on in that head of yours?” She lightly tapped
his forehead. “Who is using whom?” Manx lend forward and kissed him full on the lips.
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